Thursday, August 25, 2005

So Cal return

The plane landed with a slight jolt - enough to jolt out some gratitude for a safe journey across the Pacific Ocean. The walk to baggage claim took 15 minutes and the wait for my ruksak took another 45 minutes. Sunny only had to lap the airport arrivals road once before picking me up outside in the surprisingly warm LA air. The black Miata's top was down. She'd brought along a black pullover jacket for me to keep warm for the ride home along PCH. I could smell the ocean in the breeze as we sped along the mostly deserted road. So nice to have no traffic. The air cooled down but felt refreshing after 3 and a half weeks of the tropics.

We arrived at her place just before 2 AM. I connected to the inernet via the wireless connection across the street, pasted some blocks of words from MS Word and published it on BS. The wireless thing has really caught on. You can find it anywhere. I think this is a very good sign. The puppies were all happy to see me and licked my face, arms and feet to show their affection. I slept soundly on the couch for the most part - woken twice by one or two of the rambuncious canines. I did not pop my head from under the covers until 11 AM.

Daniel treated my bike with amazing hospitality. He cleaned it and lubed the chain. When I left, I noticed right away that it sounded dfferent. It does not seem to be getting enough power in the lower RPMs. After riding it around all day, the "problem" still did not clear up. When I start to move first gear feels like second gear [Any gearheads out there?]. I will have to give my mechanic a call and have him look at it. Regardless, it was a blast to once again have the Fireblade as my chariot.

The various preparations for this weekend's vacation rental were pretty minimal but I still did not surf. I guess I just needed some down time. There were other errands to be run and impromtu meetings to attend. This day ended with Tony, Nick and myself having a drink in Movinos. One pint of Gueness was all I needed. The topic of conversation was women. Nick has the scientifinc approach. He says you have to move around like a molecule or an electron and run into as many protons and such as possible. I guess this makes sense. It's all about exposure, "The law of concentration",proximity, duration, hints and allegations, entropy, disentropy...

Well, it's good to be back in Ojai. Getting some work done, earning some money. This weekend will be mellow and hopefully allow me to get some surf time. I am already house sitting one place and it sounds like I might be watching another as well (puppies). Each place has something to offer so I'll be having a nice time commuting the 5 to 10 minutes from residence to residence to work to residence etc.

Many of my friends are heading out to Burning Man starting tomorrow. Part of me definitely is like: 'Why are you not going?' This part is pretty mellow, not to harsh, a little disappointed. There is always next year...

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Anonymous Tyler said...

hey Didj - welcome back. 101 degrees tomorrow!

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