Saturday, August 27, 2005

Algebraic tendencies

There are not many places to sleep during a retreat. I have to give up my t-house for the cause (estate needs lot$ to keep going). Ordinarily, I find some random structure (Skip's hovel) or place (observation deck) on the grounds, to curl up like a feral cat and catch Zs. During and beyond this current go round I have 2 houses to sit. As I sit here, on a couch, relating these magickally mundane details, I am in the house sit with 4 puppies + 2 dogs + 1 cat = lots of messes. The other house (just 1 cat) that I am supposed to sit on is 8 minutes away in Meiner's Oaks. These 2 houses + co managing the yoga retreat + performing with Tony Tabla during Kirtan = where I am at right now. Welcome to my crazy algebraic life. Tonight's equation examines the sum of all these responsibilities dancing across the screen of my mind while I am circular breathing + keeping a drone + keeping a pulse in synch with the unfathomable Tony + singing in harmonies = where I was at then when the whole thing came to an end. Everyone sings along, we got drums, guitars and a harmonium being played by the effervescent Ashley. We got a room filled with 25 people singing ragas to wash their souls and polish their third eye. And then it all has to end. We must return to the mundane world. Tony pulls back the curtain and reveals the intentions, meanings and nuances of the Sanskrit and Arabic words that we sing. His energy, music and presence stop time, stop breaths, stop thoughts and then it is over, he puts his hands together in prayer over his heart and gracefully offers up gratitude. But do not forget that I am now in charge. I have to clear everyone out of the studio, keep them quiet and shut the whole shebang down for the night. So I got this sum of responsibilities being calculated by what used to be a brain but now is just a bio bliss machine and so when Tony says: "Please stay, do what ever you want." To the audience. I sit there flabbergasted and wondering in a string of circles and knots how I am going to reverse the tide of relaxation, highered consciousness and untethered kites. I announce that we need to be silent while leaving and the eyes just look at me as if they have nothing to do with their ears. The door soon opens and one of the girls starts yelling excitedly into the night and some one starts playing the guitar and some one starts playing the harmonium and then there is me with my algebra. I am a unicorned zebra among horses that cannot quite make out my writing on the chalkboard. Am I using black chalk? Or, is the blackboard a whiteboard?

On a lighter note... earlier today, I played Devin a set of tennis. When I pulled into the parking lot, there was an unusual amount of cars there. Normally there is 1 or 2 or none. I wonder if there is a tennis tournament. Before I even get out of the black Miata, a couple informs me that the Bowl Full of Blues is happening in Libbey Bowl.

I am kind of shocked. How did they know I was going to be playing tennis with Devin? We only just decided to play yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I am touched by this extravagant show of affection but I don't even like the blues that much. Any way, they went to an awful lot of work to try and please me and for this they get kudos.

So, while Devin and I are hitting the green ball over the net and inside the white lines, the blues can be heard playing in the background. The first game we play has over 20 deuces before I manage to claim it - I broke his serve. The next game is a battle as well. I am playing good tennis today and Devin is a bit off his game. He's a little rattled. I hunker down and hit passing shots, lobs, overheads and some how win the set 6-3. A lot of the credit goes to brother Bri. My game was honed while playing him in Hawaii. His words of encouragement somehow managed to tattoo themselves into my brain and deliver sage advice in crucial moments.