Sunday, August 28, 2005

The engineer and the pirate

"3 hours time difference aint enough for jet lag," you say with careless aplomb. Well, I guess there are many factors involved but for what ever reason I have not been able to fall asleep before 2 AM since my return to So Cal. Despite my being unable to z out until 3 AM last night, the puppies woke me at 7 AM. This is when they need to piss and doo. Yeah, I am back with these crazy puppies. I don't know if you are new to this program but occasionally, I have stints house sitting for some friends of mine. Feel free to use my own personal search engine to revisit the trauma I survived when there were 7 puppies instead of 4. Anyway, lets continue on with the latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is my life.

The retreat came to a close by fading out slowly. We received a reprieve in the heat department. I do not think we broke a hundred today. Despite waking up early, I was able to sleep until 8:30 AM, thanks to Devin's early morning coverage. Dev is back co managing the retreat thanks to Bill's recent medical developments. This is something that I have not mentioned. Suffice it to say, Bill needs to take some of the pressure off himself. One of his solutions is to have Devin part of the team during these vacation rentals. We have something like 10 more in a row the next 10-week ends.

When I arrive back on the deluxe estate, all is quiet. Most of the guests are in the yoga studio doing that yoga thing. I take care of a few things and then end up in the kitchen. The luscious Cristine greets me with a smile and a hello and continues with her culinary journey. A journey that is near the end. The final meal will be lunch and consists of scrambled tofu, black beans, some kind of soup and 2 birthday cakes.

"Do you want a smoothie?"

"I'd love a smoothie."

"I could really use some help."

"I'd love to help you." Thus, I begin to cut up several peppers. Next, I cut avocados in half, cut them in strips, spoon them out and plop them on a big plate. Other folks arrive to assist the vivacious cook and I slip out unnoticed, thru the butler's pantry. Take care of a few more tasks and then I walk thru the open doorway into the yoga studio. Put away a bunch of chairs. Fit them compactly into one of the Tibetan bureaus. The moment has arrived to place attention on myself: yoga, yoga and [I'll do tai chi shortly]. 2 days in a row with only 5 hours sleep. Can you tell?

The retreat winds down, closing circle opens and closes. I take care of the little things like emptying compost, straightening the back porch, refilling the pool...

Devin has a plan. He's very into the stunning cook as well. You may recall the "Take a number." quote from last night. Turns out that this was the equivalent of staking a claim on a gold mine. Dev and I are bros, so I accept the fact that we both dig the same chick. No biggy gives me an opportunity to watch him make his play. While surfing, I'll let other surfers fight over the first wave in a set. Within seconds I have my own wave, uncontested and possibly bigger then the previous. Any way, Dev's plan is for he and I to take Cristine and her friend Hilary to a swimming hole where we can all swim, cool off and drink some vino. Along the way he begins to call Hilary "the engineer" because of her hat.

Devin is like a choreographer. He has me drive the jacked up convertible Bronco. He's in the back with Kristine and I am in the front with the engineer who is also the photographer. Taking pictures along the super scenic 33 on the way to the Sespe, she has me stop a couple times to get the right shot. The girls are kind of in a hurry because they need to drive all the way to San Francisco tonight. [In fact, they are driving at this moment] They are leaving for Burning Man this Tuesday. Along the way I watch Devin give a massage for 5 minutes or so. He's wearing shades and his hair blows in the wind. Then I see Cristine giving the massage for the next 15 minutes. By the time we get to the swimming hole with our names on it - 40 minutes later - they are ready to go. The water is ice cold and the deepest places are only as deep as our shoulders. This does not stop the engineer from doing swan dives off of rocks into the clear water. We finish the bottle of red.

Cristine says that Hilary is a mermaid. "She just appeared out of the water, that's how I met her."

We all climb the steep slope back up the gully to the black Bronco. Cristine slips a red bandana over her head and sits in the back. When Devin spies the headgear he says: "Hey we got the engineer AND the Pirate."