Saturday, September 03, 2005

The magical sailboat of music

Ahh... it is just before midnight. I arrive back to the house of dogs. The parents, Trixie and Rupert, are mellow when I walk thru the front door. They know it is me by the signature sound of the Miata A.K.A. Dune Buggy. Dune Buggy hugs the turns, radio doesn't work, gets fab gas mileage and sounds like a muffled motorcycle. I let the pups outside so they can get some fresh air and do their business. I did not close the back door enough, they enter into the sitting room, finding Rupert, Trixie and I. Rupert goes from mellow to ballistic. Attack mode, goes for the jugular. Pup dogs are everywhere. Cacophony rules for a few minutes until the pups are put back into their bedroom. Good night Irene.

Access to the Internet started off with difficulty. On a hunch, I reset safari and... ta daaa... it works. Hmm, never did that before.

Tonight was kirtan night with Tony and I along with some special guests. Tony wants to be a rock star. I hope he gets his wish. At this moment his dharma is kirtan, this I know. Tonight started off slowly. We all OM together, the interactive audience is circled around us sitting on cushions and such. I begin to OM thru the didj and immediately the sonic wall of ancient love vibrations synchronize us all to the source. Mostly I close my eyes during the performance, fully focusing on the overall drone of Tony's guitar, Pablo's drum, a woman's drum and the various shakers sprinkled among the circled. When I find the drone, I key in and blow it up like blood flowing into a heart. I find the pulse and enhance it. Sing the chants thru the didj. The names of God. Holla stands up and starts dancing, others join in and soon everyone is shaking, stomping, ecstatic seizures... Tony grabs a drum and takes the music into interstellar overdrive, warp drive; we leave the Solar System, the galaxy, and the universe... And then the song ends.

Tony smiles and says: "OK, now lets do a restorative raga to reintegrate."

After a few more songs, we are all done, purified and polished by the holy sonic winds blowing out of the didj. Our hearts are realigned by the hallowed rhythms of Tony, Pablo and company. Our soul is harmonized with the sacred chords strummed and caressed by Tony Tabla - the dharma king of Kirtan.

The magical sailboat of music leaves a human mandela on the floor of the yoga studio, spread out like a snow flake. It is a frozen super molecule. A constellation. Love flows easily and naturally in the form of touch, soft words and smiles radiating like stars to every corner of the ever-expanding universe.