Thursday, September 08, 2005

Millions of oxygen

I've got millions of oxygen
but I don't know how to breathe
I've got billions of rocks again
buried up to my knees

Don't know how to walk again
So I guess I'm gonna fly
crossing the ocean
Is a good way to die

I'm lying on the beach again
As the salty water roars
Millions of waves go by
Sound just like slamming doors

I've got trillions of televisions
But I don't know how to see
I've got zillions of radio
But all I hear is snow

I've got gazillions of molecules
But I don't know where they are
I'm thinking too fast again
I can't remember where to start

I've got billions of neurons
But I don't know how to think
I've forgotten your name again
Can I buy ya'nother drink?

I've got trillions of H2O
But I don't know how to swim
These emotions are growin old
Time to shed another skin