Sunday, September 11, 2005

Let them watch Groundhog Day

The latest drama flooding the estate leaves me in a contemplative weight room. If you are an avid BS reader than you will know that I have recently dried out the heavy feathers of my Icarus wings. At some point - now just a blur in my memory's horizon - my fabled wings had become damp with condensation. I could still fly, just not high enough to dry. In my own personal insignificant struggle with my thoughts and emotions, the muscles of my will strengthened. Last week's grace endowment was like a cosmic blow dryer drying the wings of my soul. Suddenly, I could fly again like the hummingbird which hovered less than an inch from my right ear yesterday morning.

How interesting that a call for mass exodus, group eviction and forced evacuation would be instigated at this time. "Let them eat cake" will be my next song. Some collective chord was struck, the first note in a song of leaving. Lucky for us, this song is in slow motion. I have begun the process of sharing my new housing needs with friends. Testing the waters of availability + connectivity + networkability = my karma score for the moment. I am practical. This is my defintion of karma: reputation + divine randomness = where I am now. Where am I going? future karma. Stay posted and watch me walk the tight rope that is life. Do not worry if I fall off the string from an unexpected gust of wind or have a lapse of concentration or a locked embrace with my own frustration or if I am distracted by a mirage of plagarised salvation and yes if I fall, fall, fall, clothes flapping like a sail on a sailboat, clothes on a clothes line, a kite in the night. Yes, if I do fall... it will just be an illusion, a technique to gain momentum that will be harvested by my strong white archangel wings to ascend and then cross as a ray of light over the dark sea of frothing waves. I can smell the salt and hear the gentle friction of the water as it reinvents the geometry of itself.

Tonight I have a movie to watch before I slip into a dream and forget who I am for a brief moment.

The weight room has built up my flying power. The danger is: with my increased strength, I could fly too high and melt the wax in my wings. This can only happen if I have not learned from my past. This has happened to me before and I am in no mood for Groundhog Day reruns rest assured.

Picture yourself watching the movie: "Groundhog Day" in a movie house. Just before the movie credits begin, the move starts over and you are unable to leave and must sit thru it again, and again and again... You try screaming "Fire" in the not so crowded theatre (it's only you in there) to stop the cycle but it does not work. No one hears you. You try again and the police come and take you away. They take you in an unmarked black sedan made in Japan and place you in a jail cell sponsored by Budweisor. Your only solace in this situation is that at least you do not have to sit thru another showing of Groundhog Day. To your dismay and possible despair, the movie is playing in your cell on a giant 20 foot flat screen TV with a heavy pounding surround sound speaker system with subwoofers and crazy low frequency waves that restructure the DNA in your cells... Welcome to the wait room, take off your shoes and stay a while...