Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina was an iceberg

The spotlight will not go away. Where's a good earthquake when you need one? At some point the planet of humans will realize that it is all just a crapshoot. Every single crime family pretending to administer, pointing the unruly media the other way [snicker snicker] steering the country like a big cruise ship in the ocean of night, every single mob of gun toting money grabbers robber barons, able to dodge the oil slicks of inevitable misery. Ever seen a no longer white seagull coated in black oil? Texas Tea. Who could have known that Katrina was an iceberg? That the USA could sink like the unsinkable Titanic. And I, the w, the captain of this blind arrogant gullible sleeping ship, am hiding inside the cabin and waiting for the dark salty water to come to me, unable to brainstorm, can't keep a cool head, uable to lead. Lucky the former El Capitains [looking confident for the photo shoots] are around to advise me when the spotlight is not glaring - making the flaws plainly visible. Even my yes men are telling me to apologize and then eulogize. I will say I am sorry. Admit some blame for something very minor, not the whole shebang... I mean come on, the hurricane wasn't my fault... don't be absurd. Accept some blame for not reacting fast enough... The flash bulbs are salty and cold, the longer I stay in their glare, the number I get.

[Every one wants to be asleep in the back seat of a car knowing that either Mom or Dad is driving while we dream. This is why the politicians can do what they please and when the car crashes or the engine melts down or the auto gets carjacked by some suit and ties and they are driving you to uncharted territory, they are dirving over pedestrians, thru your uncle's frontyard, ramming anyone who looks at them funny but they are wearing a suit and tie and they have such nice friendly smiles - for the camera. But it is all happening in slow mo, like a dream, pleny of time before the Thelma and Louise grand finale...]

I will hide in the cabin and let the life boats save the few... I will ride with the ship down into the depths and I will not hold my breath. Soon enough, I will be back on vacation, chain sawing trees and catching fish. Riding my bike.