Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The end of one road

August 2000, Ojai, California

I have just returned to Ojai from L.A. I get laundry started, check out the net and then I'm off on my Stump Jumper to Rainbow Bridge. Of course Diana's there with Angela.

My energy closes up in my heart. All I can think is that I am not supposed to have any communication with this siren.

So she wants a hug and I am like: "I don't think that's a good idea." I've kind of shut down and talk softly with Angela and she's like: "I can't hear you." & "could you repeat that." Well, I'm just feeling pretty small and blocked because I am holding on to some resentment. They leave and that's that. So then I bike on back to the Eldarao digs and I am still kind of spun out. I practice the form and finally decide to break the silence and give her a call. Of course I get the answering machine so I just leave a messsage and just try to leave the door open cause all I'm doing is hurting myself. I hop on the Stump and bike up the road filled with power and endurance. I speed right up Main St and of course there's her wheels parked in front of video geek land island. I motor on back and head to the park. Back in the corner, there's a Shakespearian play going on. I know what that's about: betrayal, murder, infidelity, conflict, yeah the ole bard nailed human history to the stage.

Outside the shell area, I spy a tarot lady and sit with her. She advices me to do some kind of ceremony to bring in my power.

I shall right something on some bark found along the road tonight while walking Barney. This ole dog really outdid herself. I was a bit nervous as she ran around like a mad dog. Totally exhaused when we returned, huffing, puffing and leaving a string of drool.