Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The energy crisis hoax

Attention world: Anytime anyone tells you that there is a energy crisis, they are lying, ignorant or both. First, the earth is a giant battery and second, the energy from the sun dwarfs our silly oily endeavors. Yes, you heard me right, oil has become a type of tarpit which keeps us on the ground and attached to a techologically obsolete transportation device whose footprint is bigger than a mushroom cloud. Please relax though, the cracks in the energy damn are getting greater and greater. The thought corralle cube has been strained beyond its capacity. Many, many minds have escaped the artificial resovoir of poisoned water and many more are on the way.

This concept is on the drawing table but is just one example of how laughable an 'energy crisis' is.

The energy crisis hoax is the modern equivalent to a 'flat earth'. It was an illusion. It is now in the process of decay. The Middle East debacle is an attempt to grab money/power before the very oily ground we stand on changes beyond recognition. It was a knee jerk reaction from the predatory collective of sociopaths which make up the US government.