Monday, August 07, 2006


The frosting tastes so much stronger without the sponge bread.
Dessert was kind of the theme today continuing last night’s sugary extravaganza. Cinnamon brownie intoxication, mini chocolate chip cookie … Yet somehow, my body has assimilated the excessive glucose with casual aplomb. It’s like I got a pancreatic reprieve or something.

The typical things went wonky today, driveway lights weren’t working, path lights were not working in a peculiar way, an ancient light fixture broke in the Kinder Room. What’s funny, while having supper at Farmer and the Cook, I was asked to get the music playing on the outside speakers by an artist who was throwing a party to officially open her gallery showing of brightly colored paintings. They all take place outside and feature blue sky. Many have ocean waves and there’s even some surfers. My initial confidence wilts when I see the receiver. It makes no sense. The volume control is even odd. But, I play around with it for fun having released any attachment in making the speakers work. Quickly I begin to take stock, looking at what the dials say. Quickly ascertain that it is a surround sound deal and realize that is probably it, turn on the surround sound. Sure enough, when I get outside, the smooth Mexican music reaches the outside where most of the patrons inhabit. So, I fixed it all except for the light fixture. That one is a bit beyond my capacity at this point but maybe I shall watch how it is done…

The VW definitely seems to be getting greatly improved mileage. It may be able to get in the 30s with this amazing mixture of diesel and vegetable oil. I am still amazed at how hard core some of my friends are about me burning bio fuel. There’s no discussion at all. I explain that I need to research the viability and they are like instantly SNAP! “Get it now!” They want me to basically build an onboard vegetable oil filtering system, a separate tank, heating elements, copper tubing etc.
I’m like yeah I want to do this but I cannot rush into it and need to educate my self on the process it is not worth wrecking my engine after 20.000 miles or less. No, I want to wait see and maybe learn something which will give success a chance.
Hard core friends are all like WHOOOSH as they literally create a mini wind storm from the air rushing in to fill the vacuum of his or her leaving, not believing my cautious stance.