Friday, May 05, 2006

President taco

President Dubya has stunned what's left of his supporters and given even more fuel to his critics with controversial statements made yesterday at a Cinco de Meyo press conference. It started off nice, you know, the basic common sense routine that we have all come to love so much: "Mexicans: please learn English. It will make your lives a lot easier here in Amerika." Alright, not too much wrong with that one. I think he crossed over the line though, when he said: "In this great god-fearing country, we are serious about bathroom hygiene. After you wipe, please flush your toilet paper down the toilet. Do not, I repeat, do not throw it in the waste basket next to the toilet. Oh yeah, and please wash your hands before you leave the bathroom."

The president then hopped in the cab of a suped-up, lowered, Toyota pick up with his super secret service and a yapping chihuahua in the bed and headed 'south of the border supposedly to Taco Bell.