Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Ojai Post

Tyler Suchman
hey, where are ya Didj? need the bio...Ojai Post best,
3:11 pm (6 hours ago)

Michael Byrne
to Tyler
More options 9:43 pm (1 minute ago)
Ty, sorry for the delay...

Uhh... well... here goes something off the top of my head:

Michael Byrne arrived in Ojai at the latter stages of 1998 and at some
point became known as Didj. He considers himself a multi media artist
and a student of gorilla ontology.

One question that is asked often: How did you learn how to play the didj?

I once spent 3 months in Australia. During this time, my interest and
fascination with the didjeridoo led me to ask questions about it to
various random didjers. I left Down Under with a termite didj and the
scattered knowledge of how to play it.

After several months of trying to learn the elusive circular breathing
technique, I put this ancient instrument aside. Several more months
passed before I found something else: tai chi. After six months of
practicing this sublime martial art, I grabbed the didj and restarted
my quest for the circular breath.

Two weeks later, I broke on thru to the circular side.

This experience is just one drop in the metal bucket placed on the
floor of my geodesic dome. I have been exploring body sensory
awareness for over 11 years. This has cleared away some of the debris
or at least enough to allow for a nice place to land when my wings get

I've been writing for about 26 years.