Saturday, March 11, 2006

Winter tale

Winter has finally arrived here in the sleepy Ojai Valley. I just enjoyed a stroll thru hail and rain. The tempearatures have been sinking into the middle 30's which makes my heatless dome less inviting. Lucky for me, I have a Big Agnes sleeping bag which has kept me toasty.

We have a great group of folks enjoying their brief stay.

With these chilly temps, the hot tub as been my favorite device. Soaking in it allows me to build up the necessary heat momentum to stay warm.

Last night, I shared a concept with some one in the hot tub. My idea is a story that goes something like this...

One day the entire world woke from an extra long deep slumber feeling super enlightened. I mean it. Call it what you want, Christ consciousness, Buddhahood, nirvana, what ever. The point is, suffering had ended and everyone was just lounging around all blissed out. Soon enough, a couple of saints, people or what ever you want to call them started to get bored. No one to heal, no one to preach to... you know what I'm saying? So then what happens is some of them start pretending to be lame or sick or blind as a favor to the rest of the enlightened humans. Time passes and at some point it becomes hugely popular for everyone to pretend that they are ill in some way. Then everyone wants to be the sick one and then it happens: no one remembers that they are enlightenened, yeah every one forgets and the world returns to its previous state of chaos.