Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good luck!

The nose plugs were small and dainty, barely detectable. The glasses behaved more like windows than anything else but the kicker was the spinal interface device (SID). SID took the immersive experience to the next level.

Flying the fly took a bit to get used to. At one point he was afraid that he’d broken it –
His heart skipped a beat remembering the 1000 dollar deposit.

“No Questions Asked!” Screamed the headlines in the back of the magazine.

So now, he’s flying his little rent-an-insect thing along towards his house. Well, actually, it is both his wife’s house and his.

OOPS! Watch it! That car almost took out your fly! Please pay more careful attention.

Anyway, you have lost faith in your gorgeous little wife. It was driving you nuts, keeping you up at night, bla, bla, bla… So you see the fly ad and BINGO! here you are now. A perfect victim of circumstance, flying along, dodging cars and-

WATCH OUT!! Ooh, that’s a relief, I thought the dog had you. And, by the way, I think you were right… about your rental, it does look kind of cheesy. Close scrutiny reveals its dubious nature. You better keep your distance.

Where were we? Oh yeah… you rented this little nano thing to spy on your wife. You think she’s having an affair with the neighbor… driving you to drink… the whole nine yards…

You know, one hour aint gonna do anything except leave the gate of your suspicions open or who knows, maybe you’ll catch her in the act, it’s kinda like winning the anti lottery or something.

Well, I gotta go, good luck!