Thursday, June 29, 2006

The carrot

He pretended not to notice the carrot
but everyone knew he was faking
what they did not know
was that he had eaten the carrot
and created a replica
in its place in a dream
and brought it back to the waking world

where he wove
a million strands of silk
from a rather large family
of black widows
living in your attic

he tied one end of the rope of silk
to the replica
and the other end
to his holographic halo

everyone pretended not to notice
that he was pretending not to notice the carrot
which was really just a forgery

The thing about it was that he was such a great pretender
such a magnificent master of self deception...

consequently, he forgot to remember that he was faking
and began to believe the carrot was real

Thus, he was led along, like a greyhound, chasing a rabbit around a track
all the while mocking his fellow beings
calling them sheep, bovine or
pigs on their way to a slaughter house
designed to look like a hospital

he no longer knew he was pretending
and did not know he was deceiving
and never knew the cause of why he became buried
under an avalanche of happiness
that was really just an invention

the night arrived
he fell asleep
and the black slate of his memory
became awash with the tears of relief
as he ate the replica
turned off his halo
and rested his head
on a pillow made of feathers...