Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Me more me

Before I begin I want to clarify
That by no means do my words justify
The way I have been and the way I will be
When I dwell on my shit it makes me cry

Scrolling down my memories
I don’t always like what I see
Its just me more me more me more me
I guess I’m tired of the responsibility

I need some remote control of the world
Push the right button and out pops a girl
And if she’s not right push it again
Just a matter of time when I find a true friend

Wake on up just open my eyes
Not just the two that seem to be wise
I know I’ve got two in the back of my head
One sees the living and the other sees the dead

One foot’s in heaven the other’s in hell
I’ve been living like a frog in a wishing well
Half in the water half on the land
Living out delusions is not very grand

You tuned me out a long time ago
I do not blame you for missing the show
It must seem just like I’m speaking Japanese
For those who do not speak the language of the trees

Keep your head up
Don’t forget the ground
The world will eat you
Just when you’re found