Friday, July 27, 2007

Broken fix

Can some one help me
my country's broken
half of it is drinking
the other half is smoking
Can some one help me
the world is choking
the tv's broken
before i eat i need a token
newspapers are good
for starting fires
the writers are all liars
Can some one sell me
something substantial
I seem to recall
there was something
in the window
my finger is swollen
and you have been chosen
by my god so you better listen
to me
can some one give me directions
for the nearest rest room
can you look in my eyes
and see that i am tired
of the same old boring
bull shit and i did not pay for this
i want my money back
lets go for a walk
like jack and jill
read it in a book
so it must be real
can some one tell
me where to go
I need to leave
I need to grow
Can some one plant me
Into the ground
Water my roots
And make me sound
Every thing is under control
The question is
Where is my soul
I left it in a safe
Deposit box
Before I was born
But the bank of god
Has been bought and sold
Is that why I am always cold
Can some one show me how to get home
I never had one and now I’m too old
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