Thursday, July 19, 2007

A critique regarding the implications of Michael Moore's 'Sicko'

This critique actually concerns the philosiphy, which, in my opinion, propels this movie. For this author, the concept of universal healthcare is ridiculous. One's health is determined by diet and exercise. When one invites the government in to manage their own health concerns, they are asking for trouble. When one demands it, then they have stepped even further into victim consciousness. Blaming others or genetics for one's own health issues can only perpetuate them. American healthcare has demon-strated over and over that it has no connection to true health. Just about all the solutions it prescribes are temporary and tend to exacerbate the problem. There is very little holistic understanding for the cause of dis ease. This is understandable because western medicine is still in its infancy - at least relative to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All one has to do to regain health is to eat less processed food, more raw and get plenty of exercise. Turn off the TV. Smile and have fun. Enjoy the burn - know you are alive. Gather confidence when you are able to express the full array of your emotions, Forgive your self, forgive those who cross over your boundaries. Get tense, get charged, discharge and relax. Repeat on a daily basis. Cut yourself some slack. Cut others some slack. Repeat. Smile. Laugh. Peace.
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