Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gravity is energy

With my Surf One skate board under my feet and my timber slide didj strapped on my shoulder we make an interesting site for the various people out and about on this early morning Saturday. I let gravity provide the energy and I take care of the navigation and soon we arrive at the rainbow for some nourishment. Today's nutritional score is a new type of vitamin E which will hopefully prvide some relief to my protruding hemrhoid issue. This new version contains all 8 of the molecules which make up this skin loving vitamin.

Upon leaving the store, I see and old friend sitting on a bench at a 4 stop sign intersection. I ask if it is OK to sit next to him. He is sitting directly in the center and so I am aware that this is a signal that he's 'owning' the whole seat. He says that it is alright and this allows me to see his teeth which are not looking so good. In fact, they are brown, black and yellow - the ones that are left that is. I do not say anything except "You said something to me years ago which I have remembered and contemplated. It was something to the effect that the Tibetan Buddhist chanting is designed to tune the chakaras to a point where we are able to crack the shell of earthly existence. He smiles and seems to thaw enough to feel and welcome my presence.

I take my didj out of its plastic case and begin to chant Tibetan lama style thru the modernized ancient meditation device. Braodcating peace, serenity and victory thru submission to harmony. After a while, the traffic begins to compete for my sound space and so I begin to go with it and imitate the various signature sounds that each engine makes. At one point, a truck of some kind, silently farts out a blast of petrol vapor and I nearly gag. Soon after, I wind down.

My friend, Mark, is in differnet space upon the conclusion and begins to give me more information. The novel has just begun.
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