Friday, July 06, 2007

Black Beam

Hey theire kiddies this is your bardo man
he hides in the dark with a rabbit mask on
the world has gone mad or maybe i'm crazy
someone is lying in the sun but their shady
there's a counter of counter culture its a tower of power
i've gone back in time to take a shower
an anthropologist made me feel good
by talking to me
a plumber a slummer
and a real escape man
you may call him houdini
i just call him a man

he taught me to polish
my little black beam
and then to drive slowly as if in a dream
it leaves behind light that no one can see
it is very sleak if you feel what i mean
and no one can hear me because of the sound
all the cars honk when someone wakes up
i just smile and bless them
I will shut in to shut up
all around me there are the same old buildings
locked up feelings broken railings huge blue ceilings
I hold the present like it is a field day
happy feel daay happy feild day
no one knows me and they cannot hear me
I am nothing less than nothing
and you are rusting
i'm writing things about tomorrow
for those in sorrow the world is hollow
i watch the mirror for some expression, a small confession
I can't see me there is no impression lost the lesson i'm only guessing
when i wake up i will sit and listen
with no impression no consession
the ocean waits for me very still now
where's jack and jill now
people line up here when their told to
when their old too when their cold too
every one has been disappering
no one here now all alone now
its ok because i have my light on
its a bright one its designed to feel fun
shades of light that you've never seen here
you better beware there's something new here

who has all the answers about how this started

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