Thursday, July 05, 2007

time rover

did you ever get the feeling you've been here before
where all of your courage has spilled on the floor
all you can do is stand by your self
while all that you trusted lies used on the continental shelf

its never too late to change your mind
when all of the seasons have turned you too blind
the things that have happened thru out your life
were merely chance testing your resolve not to fight

why is it hard to admit when we're wrong
you can always turn it into a song
my friend m&M he's out of his mind
and into his body and out of his wine

What is your problem with the whale Moby
this guy makes music
like you make ants grow weed

I guess what I'm saying is thanks for the rhymes
its time to step down and take a joy ride
corvettes are cool and porsche cooler still
but in the end who gets your will

i guess i am saying your time is over
theirs a new kid in town
you can call me time rover

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