Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The cat in the hat

Just so you know
I’ve signed the re lease
So we all can relax
And sink into peace
The damage weave done
Has all been undone
Just as the illusion of order
Has been lost on the border
Too much time
Has been spent on a dime
While so many live backwards
In the meantime.
Welcome to the dreamtime
It gets better every day

So give yourselves a break
For all the ‘mistakes’
We all ‘take’ turns
Burning at the stake.
The endless summer has arrived
That it’s towing the endless week end
May be no surprise

Along came a spider
Down the water spout
Along came the spider
To wash the water out

Thanx for listening
And all that you’re bringing
My voice has been heard
Like church bells ringing
Bless-bliss bless-bliss
Like a heart beat beating
Bless-bliss bless-bliss

A special shout to Doctor Tomorrow
Your words are a magic call
For those trapped in their sorrow

I’ll always love you too
For the bow from the Edge
Near the Liberty Bell
While I hid in the depths that is hell
The atom is clay
And weighs a ton
And my friend mullen
You don’t have to be sullen

And last but not least
Lettuce give a big hand
For the amazingly Sunny Bono
Demonstrating that he’s a worthy Satva

As the sum of you know I’ve been
Perfectly vague
Allowing so much to be
Lost in the haze

And that is the key to this
apparent fiasco
Investing in Loss
Is wearing the cross

Give your selves a hand
A pat on the back
No one can know
I’m the cat in the hat

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