Monday, July 02, 2007

My dear little sock puppet

My dear little sock puppet:
We simply do not have free market capitalism (it is a pluralized oligachy), This 'free market' crap is just another one of the obvious lies which have entranced insulated folks (such as your self) and led us to the dead end of war. America's #1 corporation (that we know of) is Exxon. Exxon keeps breaking profit margin records, yet continues to accept subsidies from the 'government' like a greedy dog named Chocolate. Do they redistribute their wealth in any kind of way that serves anyone but their selves? No. They don't even 'serve' them selves. In fact, they are blowing up like tics and blowing the world up as if they are Beavus and Butthead blowing up frogs or shooting a hunting buddy in the face because he cracked a joke about the monster's daughter's sexual orientation. Oops too much for ya? Here's more: These tics (tic, tic, tic, tic...) are drowning in the blood of innocent children, mothers and fathers and the guilt that comes with continually breaking the social contract. If Exxon were an individual in this particular nation, they'd have been executed a long time ago as a sociopathic mass murderer. Subway means down (see: hell) and is another example of poisonous corporate policy. Go pour Gatoraid on your flowers (oh, you don't have any, I wonder why...) and see what happens. A billion commercials cannot change the truth but can fool the naive every day. Peace begins in your heart. Pierce (Dr. Joeseph Chilton Pearce did) the veil. The time has come. All is for giving.

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