Sunday, July 01, 2007

Elephant feet कि

Today’s allegory story is beyond gory or glory. Be fore warned that this might be heavy; so I will give it light.

Elephants are extremely social animals. It is well known that they conduct funerals, experiencing grief deeply when their loved ones die. Elephants can live to be around 2 centuries while living free in the wild. It has come to my attention that another 6-year-old (born in captivity) elephant has died as a consequence of not living in its element. These amazing creatures, whom I now give supreme gratitude for their particular role in the global sweat lodge, have been and are now dying in captivity at an alarmingly young age. This must stop. Zoos are literally torture chambers for these majestic beings of leisure. Elephants communicate with each other much like humans - only their vocal chords are much longer, generating low, low frequency sound waves. Thus, the feet of wild elephants have super*sensitivity* and #this# is their only way of hearing each other speak. Captive elephants develop calluses on the bottoms of their feet as a consequence of standing on concrete 24/7/365. Thus, they live amongst each other in isolation while the callused monkeys admire the shadows of themselves. Time has arrived to re member and honor our grey gray brethren, return their dignity and allow them to roam free and wild. All is for giving. May peace live in your heart.

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