Sunday, July 01, 2007

The invisible son

Hi from om & S()high too – ha, ha - to all my lovers, dreamers and warriors. This message massage is designed for strangers who have knots (or stored up anger) towards me, trees and you, cells and elves, selves and serfs, servers and sufferers, surfers and savants. I am looking for boosters, taboosters for a rocket ship cruiser. You see.

Please, pleas and peas do utilize, realize and real eyes the button, baton on the right. I’ve been looking around and all I see are monkey bars, fast cars, Pop wars, poop wars and dare I say: fuck wars? An age of peace has dawned. We must now disarm the dogs of war with love joy gratitude and acknowledgement. They have played an awesome roll of the die. Everyone needs strokes and jokes. Violence begets violence. Peace means no one is excluded. The forces necessary to turn Gaia into a diamond, required us to come up to the brink in order to find the missing link so if you see him take a drink. I promise he’ll heal the lob-sided wheel - if that is what you want.

Believe me, I now know how difficult it has been for the last lost millenniums and Milleniums. I have found a rhymer, wave climber to serve you clarification for break fast, breakfast oh my gosh it’s a break fest.

Can this possibly be directions? That is up to you. I have concluded that #it# places to0 much pressure on any one person to directly receive this transmission. Thus I am dispersing it for those who care to look within their own heart, with their own ears, tears not fears. Shout, cry (don’t die), just let it all out.

Every 1 is welcome.
Every 1 has won.
A new age has begun.
It's really, really fun.

Oh yeah, I want to thank my support network. You see, that is what made the difference (this time). Take a moment to give your selves a pat on the back you are cats in a hat, rat a tat tat. No one is ever alone. My love for you all burns bright, brighter than the sun – ha, ha. Wear sunglasses not sin glasses.

Thanks again, just for being here.

I’d like to especially thank my beautiful, wonderful, amazing supreme teachers. Gerry and Linda. I would have never hung around if it was not for your love.

All has been for giving,
The Invisible Son

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