Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No public rest rooms in Ojai after 5 PM

This is an open letter to those entrusted with the safety of our children, women & men in the precious opal stone that we call Ojai. Thanx in advance for taking care of this small problem. Closing public rest rooms at all is simply not acceptable. To close all of Ojai's public rest rooms at 5 PM creates law suit vulnerability and borders on the pathological.

Sometimes when we get into positions of power, #it# goes to our heads and we lose sight that weare public servants. What's happeing? Humans are being *forced* to release their own brand of waste near stream beds (see Libbey Park). To me, this seems like an attempt to push homeless humans out of the 'nest' with out using our fine police officers to do *their* dirty work. Thus, not only are our homeless human royalty being *mistreated* but we are placing our children in potentially embarrasing positions. Please do not take this in a harsh tone. I know that your plates are full with trying to find a home for the cement skate board park (a big shout goes out to Anonymous for kicking down the half mill), the truck issue (a big shout to Howard), keeping out toxic formula food chains (a big shout to the whole team for this one) and your continual pressure on the county, state and federal government to remove that monstrous dam which continues to damn our environment.

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