Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I've been purposely vague to allow more information to seep thru the cracks. . It is my belief that the nation of America/Amiracle/Admiral allowed itself to come to the brink(among other reasons) due to the perfected politcal craft of infantilization. This process is so affective, that the culprits have become the victims of their own conceit. In other words, Trying to place all of the accountability on one particular side, party, race, creed, person etc is quite obviously counter productive. It's unkind, naive and a lazy way of thinking. Glossing over the truth just makes things hazy. Peace means no one is excluded - unless they exclude them selves and then we just have to invite them into the circle and include them, acknowledge them.

"giving is so much easier than getting"
I've recently come to real eyes that being a servant to all living beings releases me from the karmic wheel of typical existence, alligns my senses of well being and invigorates my soul.
On another level, it can mean that it is easier to give advice that to receive #it#. So, it is kind of a built in joke designed to convey a mutual mental message massage. Hope I did not go to deep. Ha Ha.

(-:-) If you feel #it# click your heals and the button, baton on the right (-:-)
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