Thursday, July 05, 2007

Very interesting

To all of you who think I've gone crazy
Thanks for your help you were my grravy
And so I will tell you your thinking is lazy
The film in your eye makes everything hazy

When all you can see are the 2 sides
Then your too low or your head is 2 high
The key to your trouble with going beyond
Lies in the way you've been writing your song

There's no need to steal from the mind of another
He is your friend and your little brother
You think he's your charge the one that you hate
When all along he's the star on a golden plate

We spend so much time on things that are fleeting
When the real goal is how well that you have been treating
Those who have not been given enough
You missed the whole point and are just stuck with stuff

To all of my sinners and soldierly saints
You are all winners and you win thru your pain
Do not try to run its only begun
Your only job is just to have fun

There can only be one monkey in the middle
We all take our turns at playing the fiddle
The egg must crack straight down the middle
I tested his metal as he stood on the griddle

And yes he did pass thru the hoop of fire
A pure piece of glass does not ever get tired
While he was bending to blow air on the fire
He was also light bending to shed light on the tired

The one who shook spears was a record player
He knew drama well and all of the flavors

We all play out karma upon the stage
Give thanks to the ones from every age
So many of you seem to feel burned
So b4 you eat, make sure it feels earned
It's important to know that we all take turns

I am the mood to give some direction
Think with your head not your erection
The falling tower was a symbolic show of power
Just look at the tarot and be like a sparrow
Here are some morsels
For all of my horsels
The Beatles were stable

Their music was mana left on the table
for this I am ever very so grateful
You are the ones I am your angel
For the one you saw walking, he's quite a dude
If you listen closely he's singing a tune
And yes its true, its been done before
For some it is bliss for others a chore
It always takes 2 sides to make a war

I love all my spiders even if they are dead
When you love your fire you burn thru the web
There are so many keys to these productions
Don't you know that language is always reduction
When time stopped
It did not go pop
Time never can ever be the top
So the world keeps on spinning
And you can keep grinning
The ones who know this
are the ones who are winning
Over themselves good or bad
its hiding the truth that makes us so sad
The axis needs spinning or it will topple
So stop all this fighting and take a bite of the apple
So many riddles I've forgotten to giggle
You can never destroy what lies in the middle
It is a big circle that comes and goes
And in the real bardo you will all know
So be for I go random
& searching for fandom
A word to the wise
There's no need to disguise
We've already passed thru time wave middle
The surfer was hidden and thus became the riddle
That is why we passed thru the brink
Paul always knew who was the Sphinx
It was not the boxer
just another imposter
Or the body double
Who could only see trouble
Your dad really loves you
Does this pop your bubble

To all of my monkeys here is the key
It can help truth to invest in uncertainty
To all of my lost you soon will be found
There's a fountain that flows in the center of town
Do not feel flat that is a trap
You have kept spinning
because you are a round

Everything's perfect
And has always been
Even if you are living in the depths of sin
So here is the solace for those who feel lost
You merely be nice to soften the cost

Road island power
Took a big shower
for the love of the world
in the shape of a girl

It sounds kind of funny
So here's a gift to my bunny
It was halotosis
which helped achieve gnosis

Just sit in the burning
keep all the wheels turning
Your parents need love
like a cold hand needs a glove

without it the heat will burn off your hand
you are then a boy instead of a man
On the life of a pearl
The ones who never left God
Are not just dogs
Just another set of cogs
Their are not 2 sides, but their are two fields
The winner just watches
He gives and he steels.

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