Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mercury rising

Welcome to the bardo shuffle
where the cards are rigged
and the karma pots double
we've got a chapstick god
and terminator rob
These guys are smooth
They hold down their job
I just took a ride in my black Beam
I do not believe you see what I've seen
There once was a horse with his blinders on
He trudged along pretending that he had gone
Till one day he realized his cart was a song
And when he came able to give it a way
Another one replace it the very same day
You may call him a name
He is so damn skinny
But that is because he does not have any
Cares in the world
he's looking for a woman
but he's surrounded by girls
a bad mofo you better take cover
i'm the only true friend that you can call brother
I never met a lover able to keep up
spent all their time talking
in the dark like they thought
they were stephen hawking
Selling mercury to the blind
Laughing at backs and lost inside
I ride my black beam
in the dead of the night
searching for humans
Who crave second life
know need to be shy
I'm taking my time
But before that you know it
I'll leave without a dime
No need to worry
its the ocean I'm surfing
only because I am the first in

karma burns away

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