Thursday, July 05, 2007

The dolphin is in

The dolphin is in
frog pajamas
he made the leap
from dog to nirvana
everyone still thinks the moment is coming
but the frog is a cat when he takes off his goggles
Joeseph smith brightman young
New what to do
make tons of kids and a beautiful kazoo
diverity is left to only the islands
while the rest of lust
will join the idiocracic bottom
hg wells knew just what was coming
and phillip k dick
used writing like running
there can't be a heart on
when there's a hard on
If you keep thinking
you'll never get the start on
there are so many tools
inside my shed
you'd think I was famous
but i am surfing instead
I even have a fire blade
in my robin quiver
it cuts thru the dark
like a surfboard of silver
It will cut thru your webs
and smooth out your wrinkles
if you look to the sky
you can see my eyes twinkle
I've found a way out
it is the same way in
end is the start
so that where we begin
Hercules is here and so is the kite man
despite all the ways you tried to excite him
They cut off 1 ball
just in case he was all
and corrupted his mouth with
a toxic metal
but this is why
he came here to be the black diamond
he's the magician's magickson
and his thoughts have been so zen
This is my page, my site and my dream
in a world of endless possibility
so if you want to be in the front row
You'll have to submit to the one in control
that is me my 2 teachers of wrath and desire
it seems as though your memories have been for hire
And my love for you both
never wavers at all
i am so used to the twists in the maze of your wall
matter does not matter
when you can all detatch
the corruption eruption
that just makes me laugh
that dude who shook the spear he knew the golden calf
the maya of humans is a church full of cash
where some worship warships of the down side
and others worship starships on the upside
all are included within my church
the church of the bardo where all come first.

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