Monday, July 09, 2007

Thanks for all the love

Thanks for all the love
Hi everyone. Sure is good to be back. Basically, the reason for my disappearing act was that I became compelled to go on a walkabout/vision quest. The momentum had been building in me since about June 26 and finally culminated in my immediate exodus from the Opal's nest. I left on my trusty Fireblade and circled the valley in a broad counter clockwise revolution. Crows lit the way. Squirrels and rabbits made me slow down and there was even a black baby buffalo. There were many cows and sheep that I was careful not to disturb. There were even a pak of motorcylists/wolves that sniffed my trunk curiously before I broke on thru to the other side.

Along the way, the cobwebs of self-deception began to burn off my vision and I soon became able to discern that I'd taken a little break from concensus realtiy. There is so much stigma that can be associated with naturally occurring states of alternative consciousness. Thus when it happens to many in our culture, this opportunity becomes lost under a sea of medication or worse. One friend had her thymus take out because of her amazing super sensitivity and various breaks from concensus reality. Carl Jung looked at these areas as a healing proccess. I tend to agree with Carl. There is so much more I can say on this subject but I'd prefer to keep this trascription brief. I want to thank every one who held space for me and apologize for leaving so abrubtly and without much warning. Part of what brought me back was intuitively realizing that my parents and friends were deeply concerned and there was a special dog (is still mad) who needed me. Thus, I arrive back intact and with much information accept and share with my friends/family/tribe/community/planet etc.

In conclusion I want to thank the whole glorious town of Ojai. A super special shout goes out to the Ojai Police Department for being so professional, friendly and understanding. The older I get the more I realize what a difficult and necessary job police work is. I believe that we could all support our police brothers and sisters by acknowledging them for their hardwork and dedication. Keep on surfing!

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