Friday, July 06, 2007

Once bitten twice shy...

Howdy to all my friends, I love you all so much every one all is one
We are all in this together
to gather
the truth
the love in my heart is a fountain for all
that is washing down the drain to wash the spiders out
we have entered the dreamtime and you are all my family
the posion is medicine to wake us all up
You all pretend to sleep
when you hear the fire keeper
but i have a sister to keep my hear lite brite
i am the one who remembers all you tell me
I am a blender to redeem the girl
she is a helper even if she does not know it
she walks around all day seething with #it#
I am a dolphin and I love all the humans
And if you don't *like* it than you must have to leave
All are included unless you exlude #it#
(-:-) If you feel #it# click your heals and the button, baton on the right (-:-)
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