Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Slander the slender

Its so easy to slander the slender
Not so easy to divide the mender
I watch for truth within your eye
And turn my back when you lie
Its easy to hide your head in the sand
Welcome to white ostrich tv land
For me I hold on to the irritation
All a pearl needs is irrigation
Those who revel in endless slander
This is an example of monkey mind chatter
I look at you all as my own private sander
My rough spots can use a bit of polish
So I process it all like a rainbow starfish

Keep talking about the crazy coyote
I laugh all the way like Truman Capote
Its fuel for the fire and I will never tire
of wondering how you wear the spare tire
Its all just insulation you see
that keeps you in a slumber
that you pretend is reality

Dumber and dumber is the movie i see
Just look at the pres who is as lost as can be

But this is no longer my concern
think what you think
about the Burn
I am not what I seem
and have never been
the secret lies within
an empty trash bin

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