Sunday, July 15, 2007

Commercial overload

Last night, I made a grand attempt to watch Harry Potter's latest adventure. Downtown Century 10 had a last show for the day starting at 9:45 PM. I arrived early and my nightmare soon began. Beginning at 9:30 PM, the commercials began, one after the other. They were adverts for tv shows. Bad tv shows. after 20 minutes, the next set of commercials began - these were all movie commercials - bad c movie trailers. Each one led me to cringe, cringe cringe. I began to watch my watch, praying to anyone or anything to bring this nightmare I'd paid 10 dollars for to end. When my watch said 10:10 PM and there were still commercials rolling, my exhaustion, frustration and indignation had concluded into action. I left theatre number 2, spoke with a manager. He was very sweet and understanding and immediatley granted my refund request.

In conclusion, I will not be going to many movie theatres anymore. Wake up distribitors! You are losing coustomers..

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