Sunday, July 15, 2007

The art of sweeping

One day, while working in a garage which I'd been helping to convert with some carpenter friends, Guy approached me. He'd observed me sweeping incorrectly and decided to inervene. "Didj, Didj, let me show you how to sweep."

I stopped. Shocked, I expressed my indignation at what I perceived as pure condensation. Guy weathered my sudden electircal storm and said: "Do you know how toxic all these materials are? Drywall is so toxic you would not believe it."
This was enough for me to press the pause button on my emotional DVD player. His words had rang a bell. I recalled an article I'd read mentioning something to that effect. Guy continued a little more warily: "Listen, I don't want to breathe that shit in, it makes me ill." He then went on to demonstrate the technique of one stroke sweeping, which greatly reduces the amount of dust that is kicked up.

I learned that I take things personally when they are not intended to be. I learned more about the art of sweeping.
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