Thursday, July 19, 2007

leave the nest

don't wanna believe the 180
so much easier to believe i'm shady
i'd rather leave then drown in gravy
live your truth and your called crazy
even though it makes me sad
even though it makes me mad
live your truth or you die lazy

where'd all the free peolpe go
i've been driving in circles
there's no one to know
where'd all the cool people go
the bubble broke a long time ago
where'd all the weird people go
the sheep and cattle are running the show

what happened to the town I loved
indicted me with a sun planted glove
i know its time to leave this place
when push comes to slander
the liar is left how do you stand her

where did all the real yogis go
they're being squeezed out
by the fat-us-quo
where did the insurgencey go
it never existed just part of the show

I've been exploring the breath
this is no longer a test
pay no attention
continue to regress
I am happy to leave the nest

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Blogger Millennium Twain said...

you're on your way,
down (up) Uruguay!

with WHOLE world will play,
sound, sing ..

this and every ~now~

day ..

8:26 PM  

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