Monday, August 20, 2007

I Love Dogs

I love my dogs. All of them. They help mankind in more ways than most of us know. They teach us about unconditional love and loyalty. They teach us about patience. Dogs understand a great deal more than most of us think. They are tuned in to the emotional broadcasting channel to such a degree that we are nearly blind in comparison. They dial in to their caregiver's mood and will do anything to make him or her feel better. All they want and need is a proper diet, love and exercise. By feeding them, walking them and loving them, the caregiver gets rewarded in ways that are priceless. How much do we take our dogs for granted? The Michael Vick scandal has highlighted an immoral industry that normally remains hidden in the shadows. A celebrity executing beautiful lifeforms is nothing new, though. We have media celebrities executing beautiful human beings all around the world right underneath our noses. This is called war. Desensitization and brain massaging makes it possible. Distraction helps allow it to continue. Lets not let Michael Vick become the scape goat for a crime that is discreetly condoned by the vast majority of Americans who are unable to grasp that we all have spirit. Every atom. Every child. Every blade of grass. Every star. Every microbe. We create this wolrd together. We are all God exploring his/her/itself. Know that Michael Vick is fast asleep in some ways. Having accomplished so much financaily and athletically. Having reached such a celebrity staus. And yet, he still felt jaded. He even has contempt for dogs, killing them for sport and his own entertainment. How could he do this? All of his successes were hollow. He has yet to know that God, that spirit is in everything. Sometimes it is hard to make it out. Over time we can forget the connection we had in childhood. It can be easier then. Maybe Michael vick never felt a spiritual connection. Maybe he just did not know and became cynical. Just as the elite have been cyncial. What must their childhoods have been like to not know the joy that comes from petting a dog, smiling at a child or just handing a dollar bill to a homeless man on the corner. All is for giving. Suffering teaches us compassion. May prison unlock Michael Vick's heart. May the closed hearts of our jaded leaders gently open. This is my prayer.

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