Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I am living underwater
Breath is huge dreams are shorter
I am being overfed
Underground but I aint dead
How did you stand
Among these little men
Why not lay down
Or upside down
Or catch a breeze
Or just freeze

No more counter culture
Eaten alive by the media vulture
I am a dancing skeleton
No longer having fun
Got no muscles, brain or skin
Just the void I’m living in
Can’t go back to where I was
Everything changes just because

I got issues with the other field
Rotational vortex is the deal
Can I find the key to peace inside
Or pick the lock I hide behind
Even as a plane flies by
The birds still sing to the sky
Who am I?

The fire has gone away
Where fires go I cannot say
The ash is all that I have left
The black beam is now grey
I’ll wash it off with time and go
Paint a bridge of ice and snow
Melt it with an inside joke
Tear drops from an old man’s eye
Let it go with a sigh

I am nothing but a tree
Planted in earth’s crust of destiny
I can bend with the wind
Burned a hole thru all my friends
Can I grow despite my self
Can I reach the other side
Can I teach my Mr. Hyde

I blew up the other day
The fire has gone away
My voice cracked like a falling tree
Combustion is never free
Sooth my throat and wish for joy
Listen for my inner voice
Inside my heart it is a choice

Wash my car with a glass of water
The black beam will gleam and dream of another
Some other world some other place
Where the evidence makes sense
I’ll live alone inside a tent
Where waves break from heaven sent
There is no rent

I just want to get away
From all the pain and blame
All the guilt and all the shame
Of what could be but never will
My fault lines rumble and then go still

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