Thursday, August 02, 2007

The phone rings at 830

The phone rings at 8:30 AM. He’d gone to sleep at 3 AM not knowing that his sleep would be cut short. The Jaguar looks on the small screen and sees that the caller is a friend. “Hello.” Jaguar answers groggily.

His friend responds: “Hi Jaguar, did I wake you?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I’ve got a meeting in San Diego, can’t get a hold of the sitter. Do you think you can watch the kids?”

Jaguar doesn’t need to think about this one, “Sure, what time?”

“Sorry to be so last minute – 9”

“Sure I can be there, just need to brush my teeth.”

With that, Jaguar lets his head sink back onto the soft, still warm pillow. “Things appear to be normalizing,” he thinks.

The black widow had woven her web of deceit. Deception and slander has been her modus operandi since the day she arrived in this sleepy town. Revenge is a sad way for someone to motivate their existence but that is just what the black widow does. She creates her own little secret web of reality in a dark, dirty and forgotten place. Then all she has to do is await for some damaged, hapless male to enter her sticky, sickly sweet domain. From a distance, many seem oblivious to the danger. The black widow’s poisonous nature seems so obvious to most but for some, her dark beauty overrides any hints of basic common sense.

Lucky for Jaguar, he has intrinsically extricated himself from the venomous clutches of this revenge-oriented arachnid. In retrospect, it’s a bizarre comedy for the benefit of all to watch a jaguar caught in the giant web of a giant spider. You see, the black widow is incapable of eating such a large cat. All she can do is wrap it in a cocoon and then show off her prize to the other spiders from Mars. Of course, they all think it’s hilarious and outrageous. They cackle and rub their legs together - oh what fun revenge can be for some.

But the real song is:

Why oh why does jaguar get away
Try with all our might but we cannot make him stay
Why can’t jaguar be our scapegoat
We love his fur and want to make it our coat

You watched the jaguar always jump higher
So then you trapped him in a web of mire
To your dismay he still got away
Despite all the venom
You lovelessly sent him
It wasn’t enough
He’s got elements up his sleeve
Does not matter what you believe
One is called metal
Another is fire
He’ll burn thru your traps
Exposing the liar

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