Wednesday, August 01, 2007

puppy and the jaguar

It was the whispering that finally sent him over the edge this time. You don't have to know the exact details of the lie which made the rounds of the community like the clap in a whorehouse. No. It is better that you don't know. The day started innocently enough. Drag had been begging for a hunting lesson. "Please, please, Please Jaguar! Take me hunting!" He repeated this mantra over and over like a puppy to his master that desperately wanted to go out for a walk. So, he decided to give Drag a free lesson. This was the first mistake. Drag had already flaked out 2 other times so when he did not answer his phone, the giant cat walked 3 or 4 blocks with the dog Jenny on a string tied to his claw.

He knocked on the door. No answer. The supreme predator could not believe he was going to be blown off by the puppy once again. "Hmm, that's the thing about puppies," he thought, "they do not know about respect." He turned the door knob on the front door and called in: "Drag? You alright?"

He could hear stirring and then a groan "Uhhh... oh is that you Jaguar? Oh... uh sorry... umm I decided to sleep in."

Jaguar grimaced inwardly at the puppy's complete lack of understanding in regards to jungle protocol. "That's OK, do you still want to hunt?"

Drag: "Yeah!" he sounds enthusiastic but remember, he is a puppy and has difficulty following thru on promises and appointments even if they are as impotant as hunting.

They hop in Drag's SUV and barely any time passes before Drag clearly demonstrates that he is incapable of playing the role of a student. This is a crucial skill when one is in the jungle. The pupil must be able to learn and respond quickly to instructions. This is called safety first. Drag repeatedly demonstrates that he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He must have really been regretting how much he had begged for a free hunting lesson. The co dependence parade forces a circuitous route and Drag's agitation grows in leasps and bounds.

The jaguar has had enough and he finally says: "Stop. Let me out."

Drag: "What?! are you sure?"

Jaguar: "Yeah." He climbs out of the SUV. "Have a nice day." These will be the last words he says to that puppy. Within 20 seconds, a Pinto comes from the other direction. The driver's name turns out to be Michael. He has great advice and helps the jaguar relax somewhat while giving him a lift to Jennifer's.

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