Saturday, August 04, 2007

Why aren't you married

I went to a doctor to fix my knee
He asked me why I’m not married
(I hear this every once in a while
Being 40 years old with so much style
You’d think by now I’d have a child)
I just smile and laugh and then I say
It does not appear I’ve been dealt those cards
Finding a good woman is impossibly hard
-for me
Maybe I’m too short
Maybe I’m too poor
Maybe I just have a low credit score
Dr Parks just smiles thru my tirade
It doesn’t matter as long as he gets paid
He’s got 35 grandchildren to support
And fixing monkeys like me is his sport
He says ‘You are such a hansom man’
I cannot believe there’s no woman
-for you’
What can I say I’ve heard this before
I’ve even considered classified whores
But I just don’t want to pay to score
I can blame it on America
Or attribute it to So Cal women
Or maybe I’m just way too slim for them
I can finally say I don’t care
I see a fine woman I never stare
I just walk away and beware
Cause they all seem to be so crazy
They love to shop so you can’t call them lazy

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