Friday, August 03, 2007

Hey God - make me a star

I’m tired of inflicting suffering
On all the other crazy human beings
When all I want to do is help them sing their song
The key to happiness in the land of greed
Is giving more and planting seeds – of love and joy and peace

I want energy that has no price
I want an automobile that runs on rice
I want the homeless to have a place for them to live
Especially the kids
I want the US to know that it’s alright
There’s no need to live in constant fright
Take a deep breath
And bring in the light

And we all want to be celebrities
We‘ve all been taught by Ad TV
To go and seek gluttony
While so many live in poverty

Hey God - make me a star

I lived on a posh estate with a millionaire
He stole from me when he could have shared
I don’t have much and you got money to burn
-It feels much better when it’s earned

I’m thru with working for fools who have no sight
They don’t know me just want my light
For them to win you got to lose
They think it’s their game
So they break the rules

And we all want to be celebrities
That is what we’re led to believe
Get your face on a magazine
You just aint real unless your seen

Hey God - make me a star

I’m tired of children starving in Africa
For most it’s just a fictional drama
And the bombs keep falling upon the poor
We live in a world with constant war

I want to drink the water that comes out of my tap
I want a clean ocean not a deathtrap
All this drilling for oil is just a waste of time
-With no reason no rhyme

I want free energy that comes from the sun
I want a trillion dollars for everyone
I want the spirit to come alive inside me
So I can help the world turn the corner of destiny
-Take it all back from the disorderlies

Hey God – make me a star

And so we all want to be so happy
As we stare down the hole of crap TV
Wishing we were someone else
I know the pain is real as hell
drop another dollar in the wishing well

I know your trying everything to help you deal
There is a way out but it's not a pill
You got to walk before you start to run
Yo gotta learn to have fun in the sun
You'll never get love with a gun

We all want to be celebrities
Walk into a party of VIPs
And have them all know our name
So we can laugh and smile and pass the blame

Hey God - make me a star

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