Sunday, August 05, 2007

The only Sun

Imagine what it's like to be the only one
in a world of loonies you're the only sun
Do you think it feels good to watch all the monkeys
turn into junkies
While the bus keeps on running
an eratic direction
eratic erection
do you like my inflection

David Bowie had it
then along came a spider
a black widow spider
sucking the light from the serpent
Had a heart attack from all the exertion
too much inertia
dragging a hearse of drama and curses

Imagine what it's like to be free of desire
No need to get higher
just having fun no need to argue with anyone
In a planetary prison there's no forgiving
the baggage is all that you think is real

I love my Teflon Shrub he's never known love
he'll push any button you don't need to shove him
The alcohol's flooding the bloodstream is bugging
the locusts are coming I think its funny

Mick Jagger has it so he hangs by himself in Acapulco
what he knows is the cosmic joke
he'll never go broke
He don't need no satifaction
he made a retraction
the game is rigged
its a brain stem attraction

I got a black beam
and I want to keep it black
its cooler than crack or a Big Mac attack
it keeps me on track
To where I am going
don't no where I'm going
the wind's always blowing
the traffic is slowing

There used to be alot of chosen few
who knew what to do
they'd make a vibration
take a vacation
make some elation
But nobody's seen them
I guess they decided to go
we were moving to slow
nothing to show
nowhere to grow

We're building machine guns
cause we are made of snow
frosty the snowman with no magic hat
just 3 snowballs
and a carrot.

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