Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mad cow disease or maybe they are too smart for their own good

I happened to see a photograph the other day of a Mad Cow on The Huffington Post. The pic has since been removed and so my description must suffice for the purpose of my theory. The cow that I saw depicted in the AP photo seemed severely distressed. His head was sticking out of the fence and his eyes were huge, like he'd just seen a ghost or maybe like he'd just gotten wind of his ridiculously cruel existence. This image stuck in my head and I kept returning to the sight to view the haunting and disturbing bovine. Then it kind of hit me: He was reaching out to me. This cow had figured it out. Not only was he mad - understandably - he was smart like Yogi Bear - smarter than the average cow. His brain had evolved overnight or something and he drew the correct conclusion: that he was hamburger meat, a Whopper, a Big Mac or maybe, adding insult to injury - just a cheeseburger. What a shocker that must have been. So, of course he went ballistic, started foaming at the mouth, stomping, trying to get the fuck out of dodge - wouldn't you if you knew you were heading to the slaughterhouse? The pasture is just one big outdoor nursing home that they are born into and then die in. What a hopeless life! As I reflected more on this poor critter's predicament, I realized that I was like that mad cow but I'd rather you think of me as a mad jaguar. Any way, after carefully researching the various agendas that have been folding and unfolding like a drunkard's version of origami, I can't help but conclude that we are all a bunch of cattle and that we are being treated as a resource by other cattle or better yet: pigs and sheep - thanks alot George Orwell. Talk about cannibalistic - can I go ballistic or what? It's like we are Hansel and Gretel, getting all fattened up on a poor diet of radioactive sugar and gentetcally modified soybeans so some psycho witch can eat us for supper. So I am that mad cow sticking his head outside the fence and braying, making my own little racquet, blogging, writing, painting, surfing like Johnathon Livingston Seagull, whatever, while the rest of the stock fight over the few bits of grass that manage to still grow in the trampled and toxic soil. It is just like Dr. Christopher Hyatt says: "Ignorance is necessary for the survival of the species."

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