Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fake boobs

Ok so here's the deal. We here at bardo surfer just want the world to be consistent; is that too much to ask? Basically, baseball players and football players cannot use steroids and cyclists cannot use EPO or testesterone because they are gainging an unfair advantage, right? correct me if I am wrong, please. Then, follow me, don't answer the phone, thank you, then strippers, Hooter's waitresses and actresses should not be able to have fake boobs. Don't worry Pammela Anderson, you are not an actress. And, to take the fake boob thing further, we need tatoos to let the public or the lover know that the mammary glands are toxic. The tatoos can say things like: Do not drink and made in China. We can take a cue from ciggarettes and have a little box of words at the bottom of each breast that says: The surgeon general has determined that dirinking milk from silicone breasts can cause birth defects, cancer and eratic behavior. Do not operate heavy machinery like automobiles and chain saws after the consumtion of this beverage. If we don't take action soon who knows how far the toxic fallout will go.