Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are you anybody's favorite person? (YouTube link)

I just watched a youtube video called "Are you anybody's favorite person?". The girl in the video encourages the viewer to make a video response to this question. I've decided to type something up first and then who knows? I may just do a vid. I do not believe I am anybody's favorite person. This sounds a bit bleak, I guess, but I cannot think of anything truly worthy that I have accomplshed or done. Who have I helped recently? What positive impact am I having on my fellow humans? It just may be that all I am doing is taking up space and adding to the dissonance that seems to have engulfed the world.

The next question: Who is your favorite person? My favorite person is Owen Wilson. Kind of cheesy to name somebody I have actually never met but too bad. I like Owen because he succeeds as an artist in at least 2 areas: acting and writing. He wrote and acted in the Royal Tenenbaums. This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. He also wrote and acted in a film called: Idiocracy. This is the greatest film than no one has friggin seen. I tell people to see it all the time but so far I think only one person acted on my suggestion. They were not disappointed. Owen Wilson is such a frigging genius that it blows me a way. Vidiocracy is both poigniant and funny. He takes the human tragedy of how we appear to be getting dumber and dumber with each passing generation. Sure, there are some super brains out there but the overall population is happily, docily and pathetically marching down the dead end street of extiction. Owen Wilson is able to unequivacally convey all of this tragic slop into a brilliant masterpiece. Of course, no one watched this movie because it is just too frigging intelligent. Some will say that it was not advertised enough. No, I think that it only appeals to folks that are not brain dead and so there you have it. Another reason I am writing this is because just a few weeks ago, Owen attempted to end his life. This still shocks me. As some one who aspires to write and act for a living, I see Owen as an example of having it all. Writing about the way the world is and where it is going in a funny way. Turning tragedy into humor. Who knows, maybe I can write a screenplay about Owen's struggle. Start it off with his rise, then his fall and then his scintillating comeback and return to the land of the loving. Owen, you are tremendously funny and remarkably insightful. I suggest you start surfing. Get in the ocean. Feel the shock of the cold water. Taste the salt. Paddle until it hurts. Catch some waves. Get pounded by some waves. When you get tired, ride one in and relax. Just want to thank you for all you have done. The world is a much better place with you around.
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