Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He is always inside the center

Lying in his bed alone he wonders if the world is just a lie
He thinks of all the things he's done and wonders why it is he cannot cry
He wears a smile upon his face and oozes style and liquid grace
Even as he languishes thru time

He is meant to live a different life
Where you can all feel his hidden lite
Where he can use his gift of second sight

Staring into inner space and dreaming of another place
He wonders what it is he wants to taste
There's nothing for him to do
He wastes his time waiting for a chime
You wonder why he has become unglued

He is meant to be some where else
A place that he can almost smell
And everything he does will then gel

He's floating in a state of grace far away from the rat race
While all around confusion takes its toll

He is more than the past he remembers
Screened thru eratic mind benders
He is always inside the center

Struggling within himself he watches for a chance to escape
Karma is intangible and may be why it is so hard to break

And the sun will be seen again
And the night is still a friend
And everything doesn't have to end

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