Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its easier to breathe

We got a new holiday
Its called Black Op Day
No one wants to know
The truth behind the BS show

It's easier to breathe
When we got something we believe
Much harder to see
The actual reality

When nothing is what it seems
We bend light to suit our dreams
And when we disagree
With status quo reality
Just call us a name
And push us outside your frame

Cause its easier to breathe
When we got something to believe
There is nothing worse
Then losing your mind
Feels like you are cursed
And evryone is so unkind

You call me a name
Tell me I'm not the same
I think its lame
That you can only play one game

You got your box
It tells you what you believe
Helps you forget to dream
And it makes us all seem
Like we are just insane
While you cannot stand the pain
Of losing your mind
When everyone is so unkind
Like you are left behind
And no one can know
What it feels to burn inside
Like your soul's freeze-dried
You wish you could hide
But it's all on your sleave
And you won't get a reprieve

Cause its easier to breathe
When you got something to believe
Someone who can drive
So you can intoxicate
temporarily escape
The pain you deny
Is the shadow you are running from

I am breathing alone
providing the background tone
I'm gnawing on an old wish bone
And contemplating the unknown

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