Friday, May 11, 2012

Nepotism can only take you so far

The instant I enter the dessert and chips aisle in Rainbow Bridge, I spy a young man with close-cropped brown hair obligingly pecking a homely blonde-haired girl on the cheek; her head tilted upwards suggesting a sense of entitlement while his eyes cast downwards towards the cream puffs. It only takes a fraction of a second to recognize who they are: its the newlyweds. Her sly glance takes in my presence, she whispers in his ear, they turn their backs and slither away. Pear-shaped smugness.
Such a small town, my girlfriend & I live in. The flash of resentment quickly fades and soon I ponder the turn in the road that we find ourselves on.

We were informed while vacationing on Oahu a few months ago. Once the initial shock wore off - a few days after our landlord's untimely phone call - I was able to realize the opportunity handed to us by our cottage's self-absorbed future occupants. What is that opportunity you ask?

Please allow me to elaborate. How many times have I sabotaged my life as a result of hanging on to indignation? Countless. The sooner I catch myself stuck in this morose, the sooner I can feel my way out of it. Bitterness rarely attracts anything except more hard feelings. Bitterness creates a barrier that most people will not cross. Its really that simple.

Of course, emotions cannot be bottled up. They must be set free. Expressed.

Today, I learned that our new home will be available at the end of April. The newlyweds are not happy about this. In their perfect little world, my girlfriend, cat and I would have been long gone. Perhaps the reality of this situation has set in for them. When you decide to use nepotism to move in to a home that is already occupied, prepare yourself to wait. It takes time to find the right home. The housing laws of California happen to agree with me. Yell at your uncle all you want. Cajole your father to yell at his brother - your uncle. Pressure your uncle to pressure us. Scream. Cry. It does not matter. We will move out when we are ready.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder if I know those people...its funny that they don't even say anything to you, Such a small town

10:50 PM  

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