Sunday, August 07, 2005

Banksy strikes again

Hit the link below to check out some of my fave artist's latest master peaces. This guy is unbelievable. Transcends any one art form. His commentary is so dead on, unique and ballsy that I wonder how long he'll keep his anonymity. He's also featured in this month's Wired, on and off line. Bardo Surfer gives Banksy the Subverse the Mediaverse Award for the month of August. Congrats!

The above art peace is one of nine that were created on the Palestinian side of a barrier that is being erected by Israeli authorities. A fence made of concrete, barbed wire, razor wires and wood. The International Court of Justice says the wall is illegal. The 425 mile wall is under construction.

Banksy, who hails from the UK city of Bristol, never allows himself to be photographed and created the images last week.